Andy Does Ratna Ling (andydoesrl) wrote,
Andy Does Ratna Ling

Check out mah new digs, man!

Leigh, the volunteer coordinator, dropped by my office yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, after everyone's been back for a few days and caught up on all the backlog from vacation. She says to me, "Andy, I've got a question for you -- a residential question. There's a couple coming up to Ratna Ling on Tuesday night and would you mind moving to the press barn to open up your [two-person] yome for them?"

Let's take just a moment to cover how I've been quietly bemoaning the lack of a headboard on my bed ever since I moved in back in August. Let's also review real quick how quiet my yome has been since Gerardo moved out in November. Now we can check out the press barn, which is a house built next to Temp Warehouse 1. (It's called the press barn because it used to be a barn and it's right next to the printing press building.) 3br; full bath; kitchenette w/ full fridge, microwave, coffee machine, and sink; wifi; back porch; small yard where the deer congregate. Got all that? Alright, back to our program already in progress.

Leigh: "You wouldn't actually need to be moved out until Tuesday afternoon. Just make sure you do your sheets and clean up the place before then and we'll check it over and transfer your security deposit over to the new room in the press barn."

Fast-forward to today. It took me maybe an hour and a half to pack up all my stuff and walk it down the hill from Yome E to the press barn. Take another hour to unpack my junk and sort through what I've been meaning to put in the commie closet. Nice shower in the bathroom. Three hours later and I got some new digs!

While the yome was pretty cool and exotic, plenty of room to stretch out, a nice walk through the woods to work, living in the press barn is gonna be downright luxurious: I don't even have to leave the house to get a shower or fix some food. There's the choice to roll out of bed and be at work in five minutes or to make some coffee and eggs before going over to the press. Moreover, upstairs are Mallory* and Rachel, whom I've always thought were pretty cool people. Maybe I'll stay here past February after all. =D

* It seems I'm always a week behind Mallory. She arrived at Ratna Ling a week before I did in August, she moved into the press barn last Saturday, etc. At least I can take solace in the fact that I'm a year or two older.

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