Andy Does Ratna Ling (andydoesrl) wrote,
Andy Does Ratna Ling

Hey guys! I just learned something awesome!

Preface: I'm really not a fan of milk beyond a splash of white in my tea or coffee. It's both a lactose thing - not drinking much milk turned me into a bit of a lactard - and a texture/flavor thing. For years, I've been pouring cereal in a cup and eating it dry.

Today, I came up to the commons for breakfast (and internet - it's down right now at the press barn) and had my regular breakfast, a mix of granola and pumpkin flax in a cup. Tara just asked why no milk? I gave her the run-down on me and milk and she suggests soy milk. "Nope, still too thick." Rice milk? "Hmm..." Conclusion: rice milk with cereal is yummy nummy!

Further information: Tara tells me that almond milk is pretty similar, but that I should buy the orangy carton (which is pretty thin), not the blue carton (which is creamy). Tara is my Jiminy Cricket for real cereal eating!

P.S. These people I live with are HILARIOUS. They are SO SMARTLY GOOFY. I would quote them but they're all "you had to be there" moments. (Also, we'd probably lose our PG rating if I put that stuff on the internet.)
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