January 17th, 2010

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Two weeks on, one week off ...

Well, more like four months on, two weeks off.

I'm in my last stretch for my stint at the Ling, guys! Six month contract, started in August, and stretching it out through February. It's crazy. This is the longest I've lived away from Delaware, guys! Since I got off the rez for two weeks, though, I thought I'd do a little Compare and Contrast between Ling life and the Outside World. (There's a reason it's called the Ratna Ling Retreat Center, folks.)

The first thing I saw off the boat? All the commerce! There were grocery markets and coffee shops and retail and newspaper stands and oh man so many places I could spend my money (what little I've earned recently). Buying things was kinda funny; it felt kinda like backsliding into pre-Ling habits. So much is freely offered to us at the Ling: the food, the kitchen, the woodshop, etc., and then there's people sharing rides, baked goods (George's bread is SO GOOD - he made French bread last night and it was so nummy!), paint (for painting) and yarn and whatnot. We're so socialist, guys, even those of us who are fascist capitalist American pigs.

What's next? Let's talk about the people. There's so much diversity out there - especially down in Berkeley. Back in December, the Ling had 50-60 people and now it's closer to 40; all adults except the occasional 19-20yo and sometimes somebody's kid. We see each other all day, every day, so it doesn't really matter what particularly you're wearing or how long your beard is getting. (Okay, the beards are actually a bit of a joke, and I'm not just talking about how long they get.) So let's talk about how the entire population of the Ling could fit on a subway car. If we were all moving out and lugging our personal belongings, maybe two and a half cars. I got off the subway and there were a bunch of kids with skateboards sitting around the plaza shootin' the shit, couples with strollers, hobos, college kids, canvassers, people from all walks of life. Seeing all these different people, I've got this enhanced appreciation for who they are: how they move and act and talk, what they wear, what they're thinking about, if they went to classes or work today, all these little niggling details of life.

And now do those people get around? CARS! and SUBWAY TRAINS! and PLANES! man, I'm starting to sound like a children's book. But wow: there are places in the world where's it not 5-10 minutes walk from end to end (or 15min if it's raining). You'd think I'd grown up in the middle of the woods instead of in a college town of 20k residents 20k students, but four months is a long time in my life!

What do they eat? WHATEVER THEY WANT but it's mostly mass-produced somehow. I mean, sure, we get a lot of our cooking supplies from Sysco, but I feel like there's such an emphasis on organic and vegan kinda food up here, given that we have a bunch of health-conscious types up here that we're kinda closer to the food. Like, for personal groceries, we go to WholeFood and Trader Joe's instead of Walmart and Target. um.. that's about it.

okay enough of all this. I've got some projects to do.

P.S. Winter holidays were very nice! I got to see lots of family (my actual blood family, not my Ling family) and some friends (sorry for the people I didn't see! but I'll be back in June) and eat lots of whatever I wanted (aka lots of hamburgers and steaks and munchies).
notebook machine

Hey guys! I just learned something awesome!

Preface: I'm really not a fan of milk beyond a splash of white in my tea or coffee. It's both a lactose thing - not drinking much milk turned me into a bit of a lactard - and a texture/flavor thing. For years, I've been pouring cereal in a cup and eating it dry.

Today, I came up to the commons for breakfast (and internet - it's down right now at the press barn) and had my regular breakfast, a mix of granola and pumpkin flax in a cup. Tara just asked why no milk? I gave her the run-down on me and milk and she suggests soy milk. "Nope, still too thick." Rice milk? "Hmm..." Conclusion: rice milk with cereal is yummy nummy!

Further information: Tara tells me that almond milk is pretty similar, but that I should buy the orangy carton (which is pretty thin), not the blue carton (which is creamy). Tara is my Jiminy Cricket for real cereal eating!

P.S. These people I live with are HILARIOUS. They are SO SMARTLY GOOFY. I would quote them but they're all "you had to be there" moments. (Also, we'd probably lose our PG rating if I put that stuff on the internet.)