Andy Does Ratna Ling (andydoesrl) wrote,
Andy Does Ratna Ling

G'bye, Buddha Camp!

Just in case anybody missed the memo, my last day at Ratna Ling was last Tuesday, Feb 16. It's been swell!

I ran around all Tuesday night making sure everything got packed or back where it belonged, then slept in the commons and breakfasted with some folks before I peaced. Janet drove me into town, since she and Kari both had doctor's appointments, so I got to hang out a little bit more with Kari before we both left. Santa Rosa hosted me for a few more hours while I sat around, took photos, nommed, etc., and waited for the Amtrak bus. An hour and a half's ride took me to Martinez, where I stopped off for a few more hours and some sushi before getting on the Starlight Coastal Amtrak train up to Chico to visit my friend 'Lin for a week.

It's been a super-fun week; she just finished up one paying gig and is waiting for the next to start, so she has a week she can take vacays as well. We're mostly hanging out, sleeping in late, watching movies till all hours of the night, eating copious amounts of baked goods, wandering around town, generally enjoying life

I'm gonna come down to San Jose to visit my family for a few days later this week, then hit up the Bay Area to see some more friends, then down to Arizona for the first week of March.
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