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Andy Does Ratna Ling

Planning ahead? What an idea!

Returning from study abroad in Spain to Delaware: May 23.
Graduation: May 30.
Starting a full-time job after college: oh, I should probably go find one.

My friend Laura, who's here in Spain with me, suggested checking the job listings at After signing up and filling out my profile, most of the jobs that show up for me seem to be resorts for adults and summer camps for kids, as counselors, cooks, and administrative assistants. I'll probably Two hits caught my eye as something a little different, though:
"Work and live in a spiritual community of like-minded people dedicated to service to humanity through a wide variety of projects both local and global. This year-round residential work-study opportunity combines meaningful work with opportunities for self-growth.

Hmm. Sounds like fun. What is it? It's Yeshe De, the Sacred Tibetan Text Preservation, which runs hand in hand with Dharma Publishing on the Ratna Ling retreat center site in Sonoma County, part of the Nyingma Mandala in California. Their main task: collecting and reproducing Tibetan texts to be sent to the Tibetan community in India. My main task: wrapping said books with beautiful red sheets. Sure, I could do that.

However, does it pay? Room (decent place with a roommate), board (vegetarian meals 6 days a week), $150/mon stipend, and evening classes in meditation, Buddhist practices in real life, Tibetan language, and even more fun stuff. Also, 100 acres of forest to hike around in!

Sign me up.
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